Commercial Law is one of the traditional legal branches, which regulates, on the one hand, the legal status of economic subjects and their internal organization (Statutory Commercial Law), and on the other hand economic legal transactions and legal relations between economic subjects in the trade in goods and services (Contractual Commercial Law).

In the area of Commercial Law, we provide our clients with consulting services at all stages of their operations. We assist clients in the establishment of various types of companies, statutory changes, preparation of various types of commercial contracts, we represent clients in all types of commercial disputes and we offer other services from this wide area. Our office employs professionals who cover all areas of Commercial Law, so we can advise and assist companies in finding optimal solutions and achieving good results.


In this area of law, our experts advise companies and their management and supervisory bodies at all stages and areas of their operation and changes.

We provide our clients with professional legal support in the establishment, operation, management, supervision and termination of companies. We advise economic subjects with an internal organization, namely the creation of legal (corporate) acts for companies and the preparation of documentation for assemblies, which, if necessary, we also manage. We advise clients in connection with the implementation of specific corporate actions, such as changes in share capital, merger, division of companies and changes in legal organizational forms (statutory and legal transformation).


For our clients, we are fully conducting complex mergers and acquisitions, from planning to execution of acquisitions and mergers. We provide clients with precise and timely management and guidance of numerous corporate, administrative and court procedures and ensure compliance with the regulations. We also help clients to identify all possible risks when purchasing or selling stock or shares of the company with due diligence before the execution of acquisitions.


In the field of competition law, our clients are advised and assisted in order to comply with the rules of Slovenian and European law on the market. We advise clients on competitive legal issues before domestic courts, market regulators – the Competition Protection Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Commission and the EU Courts.


We represent clients in the courts in complex statutory and legal disputes, commercial disputes and other forms of judicial and administrative proceedings in which the companies participate.


We advise and represent our clients in all types of legal transactions. We accompany them in the negotiation stage, pre-contractual stage and contractual stage we participate in due diligence of the subject of the contract, negotiate the content of the contract, conclude the contract, monitor the fulfillment and treat violations of contractual obligations, participate in the conclusion of handover and final settlements and perform all other accompanying legal services required by a particular contractual relationship.


We advise clients in connection with banking agreements, all forms of collateral for debts, syndicated and other forms of loans, bank letters of credit, guarantees, etc. We are representing financial institutions in the processes of restructuring and recapitalization, as well as in procedures before the banking regulator, Bank of Slovenia.

In banking, we advise clients on banking regulation and banking system operations, we represent domestic and foreign investors and financial institutions in complex banking or financial transactions. We provide adequate legal support to banks and other financial institutions in the process of lending, and we advise companies and individual legal entities on more demanding legal cases.

In the area of finance, we also advise members of the management board and issuers of various types of securities (equity and debt). We also advise on project financing as well as financing the purchase of business shares, stocks and fixed assets.


In the field of energetics, we provide clients with comprehensive and expert advice on domestic and foreign legislation, including the Environmental Protection Law. We help clients in regulating relationships between suppliers and energy consumers, we advise on energy investments, including measures to ensure efficient use of energy, and measures to achieve savings and acquire funds from the Eco Fund. We also represent clients in courts, especially in the event of disputes between suppliers and consumers of energy products, where knowledge of the specifics of this area is of key importance for the success of the dispute. We prepare agreements regarding the purchase and sale of energy products, the agreement on the regulation of relations in the energy sector for clients, we conduct investment (infrastructure) projects in the energy sector and we advise on careful environmental inspections for clients.