Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising on contractual relations, and in compiling and reviewing various contracts.

We prepare and review our clients contracts from all legal areas in order to clearly regulate the contractual relationship and prevent the occurrence of disputes due to unclear or deficient contractual rights and obligations. We precisely warn our clients of their rights and obligations, present the risks and other consequences of concluding a contract. When drafting contracts, we strive to regulate the ratio according to clients’ wishes and to effectively protect their rights, and therefore we also actively participate in the negotiations on the content of the contract.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating and ensuring compliance of contracts in the most complex transactions as well as relationships with an international element, i.e. contractual relationships in a foreign language.

Examples of contracts:

  • Service contract,
  • Construction contract,
  • Business cooperation contract,
  • Contract for the disposal of a business share,
  • Optional and term contracts,
  • Contract for the sale and purchase of real estate,
  • Lease contract,
  • Gift contract,
  • A contract for life estate right, extradition or lifelong maintenance,
  • Employment contract, etc.