The Law Firm Brezovec Team is committed to effectively achieving concrete results and realizing the interests of its clients.
The basic direction of the company is professional in-depth counseling and representation of clients, with special efforts for their goals.

Law Firm Brezovec was founded in 2011 by the lawyer Luka Brezovec and the lawyer Stane Markovinović has been involved in the company since its establishment.

In the beginning, the company focused primarily on Real Estate and Construction law, FIDIC rules and the Public Procurement Law, as well as on the field of commercial contractual transactions and economic justice.

Since its establishment, the company has constantly strengthened its professional team and today offers services from all legal areas and employs lawyers from various professional backgrounds, all with the aim of having a law firm team which has the best practical knowledge for concrete and effective resolution of legal cases of their clients, which is often legally interdisciplinary intertwined.

In order to achieve the highest standard of legal services, the company places special emphasis on the permanence of its professional staff, the additional professional fulfillment of its experts, the treatment of more complex cases in joint boards and team work.