The experts of our office have extensive experience in representing Tenderers and Contracting Authorities in public procurement procedures and regularly monitor all changes in national legislation and regulatory frameworks set by EU rules.

In the field of public procurement, the law office cooperates with Tenderers or Contracting Authorities at all stages of the public procurement procedure, the audit of public procurement and the preparation of all acts related to the execution of the contract.

We advise our clients, both Contracting Authorities and Tenderers, in the field of public procurement and provide day-to-day support. For Contracting Authorities, we draw up tender documents, we advise on publishing and answering questions from Tenderers on public procurement portals, we advise in the making of decisions on the award of public procurement and in audit procedures.

We help Tenderers in the preparation of Tenders, creating questions for Contracting Authorities on the portal of public procurement and representing them in pre-audit and audit procedures, and we also offer support to Tenderers at the contractual stage.


In our law office we advise and represent clients in all phases of the implementation of public-private partnership projects or concession relations. We advise clients in choosing the most appropriate form and model of public-private partnership, and therefore provide them with assistance in the preparation phase for the implementation of the project, and then we advise them in the preparation of documentation, concession acts and concession contracts, and in the case of regulating complex relationships between participants in such relationships, which require knowledge of both public-legal and civil-legal frameworks of such relationships.