We provide our clients with a variety of services in the area of Real Right Law, including consulting in the purchase and sale of real estate, preparation of a contract and land register execution, legal advice and preparation of contracts for the regulation of the land registry of real estate, representation in civil proceedings, checking the land registry in available public information and other services.

We provide clients with various contracts that contain the relevant land registry licenses, on the basis of which the clients achieve the publicity effect of their real rights in the land registry.


We help our clients protect their property rights by advising them on civil proceedings regarding the regulation of property rights and representation in court proceedings. We represent our clients in a variety of real right legal procedures, and file vindication, publicity, immission, erasion lawsuits, lawsuits for interference with property or other legal lawsuits.


Our office has many years of experience in procedures for protecting property rights, exercising servitude, interfering with property rights, imissions and other litigation procedures. In our office we are also experts in special procedures, for example, procedures related to transfers of agricultural land in which we offer our clients advice and representation.

Luka Brezovec