Real Estate and Construction Law are two of the more important and prominent areas of our office. In this field, we provide our clients with services from sale and purchase of real estate, consulting and execution of construction projects, establishment and transfer of property rights, to representation in real rights disputes (property lawsuit, erasure lawsuit etc.), construction disputes and other disputes arising from real estate relationships claims, rights from rental relationships, etc.).

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, the financial and tax aspects of transferring and buying real estate, obtaining building permits, managing construction projects on a general basis, using Special Construction national practices, as well as international regulations FIDIC, land use and other areas of real estate business and execution of construction projects.

Our clients are all participants in the real estate market, such as real estate owners, sellers and real estate buyers, investors, project owners, landlords, tenants, real estate managers, contractors, architects, designers, engineers, supervisors of works, which we provide daily support in the field of real estate and Construction Law.


We provide our clients with comprehensive consulting services in the design of real estate and construction projects, helping our clients in finding, checking and obtaining suitable real estate and arranging all necessary building permits.

In the execution of construction projects, we create contracts for our clients and help them find partners (contractors, designers, supervisors, etc.).

We also provide clients with all the necessary documents required for the commencement of the sale of the facility (general terms of sale, sales contract, etc.) and we also participate in handouts and final settlement, both with contractors and end users of buildings.


When selling or purchasing real estate we advise clients and protect their interests, we ensure that contracts for the sale or purchase of real estate are created in such a way that the simultaneous fulfillment of the two parties is ensured and that our client is not exposed to unnecessary risks in the real estate transaction. We also arrange the signing of the contract in the appropriate form (notary record) for our clients and, if desired, we also include all necessary insurances and guarantees.

We offer our clients advice on purchasing and selling real estate, preparation of contracts and entry of the real estate in the land register, legal counseling, representation in litigation procedures in relation to real estate, checking the land register status in available public information and other services.

Our law firm has been involved in some of the largest real estate transactions in Slovenia, where it advised sellers of large residential and commercial complexes on selling and prepared all necessary contracts and other advisory services.


We advise our clients on the choice and method of renting real estate. Depending on the wishes of the client, we prepare lease contracts for a fixed or indefinite period, taking into account the specific arrangements for renting business premises and housing units.

Our lawyers also provide legal counseling and representation services in complex renting and leasing transactions, for example, with major retail chains regarding the hiring of the facilities they need to carry out the business.


Our office has many years of experience in procedures for protecting property rights and other legal procedures related to real rights. In our office we are also experts in special procedures, for example, procedures related to transfers of agricultural land in which we offer our clients advice and representation.

We help our clients protect their property rights by advising them on civil proceedings regarding the regulation of property rights and representation in court proceedings. We represent our clients in a variety of real right legal procedures, and file vindication, publicity, immission, erasion lawsuits, lawsuits for interference with property or other legal lawsuits. We also represent them in realizing real estate errors or enforcing rights from rental relationships.

We also represent our clients in construction disputes in relation to all mutual claims in relations between the contracting authority and the contractor, the contracting authority as a seller and buyers, the contractor and subcontractors and the contracting authority, contractor, supervisors, project leader, etc.


Our law firm covers the entire spectrum of construction law, which covers Contractual (construction contract) and Implementation Law (implementation of construction contracts and construction disputes). Our clients are contracting authorities, small, medium, as well as large construction companies, designers, supervisors, suppliers and other participants in construction. When advising in clients in participating in construction projects, our consultants take into account the experience of the comprehensive practice.

Our services in the field of Construction Law include in particular:

  • consulting in the acquisition of land, in the establishment of joint ventures for the implementation of real estate projects;
  • negotiation, coordination and composition of financing contracts,
  • preparation and review of construction contracts,
  • participation in negotiations,
  • arranging the necessary administration,
  • participation in the execution of a construction contract, assistance in the management of building logs, logbooks and requests during construction,
  • participation in the conclusion of handover minutes and final settlements,
  • counseling and representation in civil proceedings concerning claims in the field of construction relationships.


The experts of our law firm are good experts in FIDIC rules and are specialized in the preparation and interpretation of construction contracts and disputes related to FIDIC contracts. Our lawyers gained their experience in the field of construction in the legal management of construction projects of the largest construction companies in the Republic of Slovenia, as well as international construction projects (according to FIDIC rules) and in representing clients in construction disputes in courts.

Our office prepares construction contracts according to client’s wishes and advises on the preparation of special conditions and construction projects.

Our lawyers also represent clients in dispute resolution before the Dispute Resolution Commission (KRS) and arbitration, in accordance with the FIDIC rules.