Our law firm also represents clients in the field of inheritance law and the protection of the rights and legal interests of clients in succession proceedings.

We help clients with questions about the validity of wills, investing of other people in the property of the deceased, distributing the inheritance, disinheritance and other institutes of Inheritance Law and we also advise on practical solutions. Our services include advising before the introduced inheritance (advice on the composition of valid wills, the distribution of assets before death, etc.), as well as after its introduction. When distributing assets before death, we advise the clients on the most appropriate and fiscal aspect of the most optimal way of distributing assets while respecting the framework provided by Civil and Inheritance Law. We also offer services of representation in courts in various successive procedures to clients.


In our office, we are aware of the complexity of Family Law issues and conflicts, where emotions and grudges are often involved. We advise clients on divorce procedures, determination of the scope and distribution of joint assets and the best possible and clear arrangement of mutual relations that relate to common children (protection  and education or parental right, contacts, alimony). We also offer services of representation in courts in Family Law proceedings to clients.