In the case of urgent criminal cases, in particular in the case of house searches and detention matters, our lawyers are available to our clients 24 hours a day on the Hotline

+386 41 736 735


In the field of Criminal Law, we offer legal assistance to our clients and represent them in all court proceedings and in procedures with the prosecution. We represent clients in preliminary proceedings, conducted by the police, we represent them in criminal investigations and proceedings that take place in courts and in procedures related to the execution of criminal sanctions. Our lawyers, on the basis of their knowledge and experience, assist the client in preparing the defense and in negotiating with the prosecution for the lowest possible penalties and costs, in the event of an interest to pleading guilty. We also help our clients in emergency cases (detention, house searches, etc.).

In criminal proceedings, we also represent victims of crime, we advise them in preliminary proceedings and protect their rights in criminal proceedings and strive for fair compensation.


In the area of misdemeanor, we advise clients when they receive a decision on a misdemeanor or a payment order, and we submit objections, requests for judicial protection, appeals and other legal remedies in their name. In the area of misdemeanor, our experts have many years of experience in road traffic violations and other inspection procedures in which authorized bodies, in accordance with the sectoral legislation, impose fines and other sanctions.