We advise or clients in the event of material or non-material damages in choosing the best and the fastest way to enforce a claim for damages in a civil proceeding or in court proceedings.

We are aware of the consequences of the damage and we strive to provide our clients with fair compensation for the damage incurred, regardless of its appearance. For our clients, we conduct all the necessary procedures from the occurrence of a loss event to the exercise of rights from this title and we are available for all questions and clarifications.


In the event of a car accident, work accident or other injury, for which the producer is responsible, and has his/her responsibility insured with the insurance company, we take over the representation of the client and apply for compensation in the procedure before the insurance company, and we strive for the prompt payment of fair compensation.


In the event of damage (material or intangible), together with the client, we look for opportunities for out-of-court or judicial payment of fair compensation. In the event of a decision to bring an lawsuit for damages, we offer the client full representation in courts and we advise them on the proper course of action before in the court.


We advise our clients in enforcing their consumer rights, governed by national and European legislation. We advise clients on consumer protection issues, domestic and international product liability, advertising, product labeling, distance contracts, etc. We provide clients with legal assistance and representation in consumer complaints, procedures before market inspections and misdemeanor procedures.